World Services Office Moves!

To all Nicotine Anonymous Members:

To better serve you all, your elected volunteer officers -- all nine members -- stayed an extra day in Los Angeles after the quarterly board meeting to sort through 170 boxes in the Huntington Beach, California, office, reduce them to 110 boxes of inventory and three boxes of Archives, and ship them at the end of January to our new NAWS office in Texas.

The new office manager is Teresa I., and the address is:

Nicotine Anonymous World Services
6333 E. Mockingbird Lane
Suite #147-817
Dallas, TX 75231

Phone (469) 737-9304
Fax (888) 390-5873

All orders and phone calls sent to the old address will be forwarded automatically to Texas.

Your Special Support is Welcome

Moving an entire office is expensive, and it will be most appreciated if members contribute to the cost.

There are several ways to contribute:

-- Prepare a check made out to Nicotine Anonymous and mail it to the new address in Texas.

-- Make a donation via secure credit card transaction at the bottom of the store page at the  Nicotine Anonymous World Services web site.