Hey, Did you know that Nicotine Anonymous Telephone Meetings are available?

You may not be aware - But Telephone Meetings are a valuable resource in working the program.  In Some areas of the Country - there are no in person meetings available, and phone meetings are the only way that some people are able to share the program of Nicotine Anonymous. 

There is a lot of need for People who have Time at the telephone meetings - as many  of those you use the meetings are newcomers.  A great way to be of service - is to participate in Sharing your experience, strength and Hope - or to volunteer to act as a long distance sponsor for someone who is a member of a phone meeting.

One Telephone Group is Based in Southern California.

The Primary Purpose telephone group meets at the following times (PST):

Tuesday at 6:00PM
Wednesday at 4:00PM
Thursday at 6:00PM
Friday at 6:00PM Step Study (10 Min Speaker share)
Saturday at 6:00PM Beginners Meeting
Monday through Friday at 9:00AM 3rd Step Prayer

Phone: 858-707-3071

Enter the PIN -766237#