Grouping of Workshop Topics, there will be 3 going on for an hour at the same time in different rooms and you can choose the 1 to attend from each group.

Workshop - Group 1

Literature Writing Workshop –

Help develop new literature for people who are trying to quit form other forms nicotine such as nicotine replacement   Facilitator - Marguerite 

Outreach- Increasing our visibility -Facilitators - Bonnie and Michael B 

Fundraising –Strengthening our financial stability -Facilitators- Teresa and Chick 

Workshop - Group 2

Literature – 12 Step Study Workbook

(if members come to the conference they can see a work in progress) Facilitators - Ed T and Robin L 

Literature Writing Workshop –Spirituality. Help develop new literature about coming to one’s own understanding of a Higher Power Facilitator - Gwynn A

Technology in Global NicA Environment –

Communication in the 21st Century. Facebook and other forms of Social Media. This workshop will also discuss how to deal with Nicotine Anonymous: The Book translations.  Facilitators - Scott B and Mike B

Conference Agenda


Seafarer Room

1pm – 5pm Officer’s meeting

8pm – 11pm Gratitude meeting



Pool View

9am - 8pm Marathon Meeting

Crystal Room

8:30am – 12pm Delegates meeting

12pm – 2pm Lunch (on your own)

2pm – 4:15pm Workshops – see attached

4:30pm – 5:45pm Delegates meeting

7:30pm – 9:00pm Conference Dinner

9:00pm – 11pm Invited Speakers and Countdown



Pool View

7am – 8:30am Sunrise meeting

9am – 11am Marathon meeting

Seafarer Room

8:45am – 10:30am Delegates meeting

10:30am – 11:30pm Brunch

11:30pm – 12:30pm Spirituality Speaker meeting

12:30pm – 1:00pm Officer’s meeting

*The Hospitality Room will be located in one of the hotel rooms.  The room number will be provided at registration check-in.  


  1. Spirituality Writing: Purpose of this workshop is to help design a new pamphlet on what spirituality means to you. A help to find your concept of a Higher Power.

  2. Outreach-Increasing our visibility: With meetings dropping over the years due to our lack of visibility we have become the world’s biggest secret. We need to find ideas to reach the medical industry and our funds are very limited in this area. Any and all ideas will be discussed. The medical industry does not know we exist.

  3. Literature workshop 12 step study guide: To get ideas on a 12 step study guide.

  4. Fundraising: Ideas of how we can raise donations. We need to get our Operating expenses to a prudent level. We are slowly spending more than is coming in.

  5. Writing workshops: NRT’s –writing a pamphlet on NRT’s and what they are and what help they do or not do , the pro’s and con’s without making a stand for or against them as it’s a outside issue.

  6. Social Media: A discussion on NicA meetings online on FB. How we can prevent anonymity being broken. Is there harm or good by having them there?