2013 Annual World Services Conference in Long Beach, CA

The 2013 annual conference, April 26 - 28, will be at the beautiful Golden Sails Hotel Golf and Conference Center in Long Beach, California.

It's not too early to make your plans to attend, especially with a room rate of $99 per night for up to four persons plus complimentary full breakfast buffet.   Click here to view the conference flier.  To book your rooms online, go to www.goldsails.com.  Mention NAWS Annual Conference.  This is the best hotel room price at a desirable location in a long time for an annual Nicotine Anonymous conference.

     Early registration is $35 per person before April 10.  If you have not been to a Nicotine Anonymous conference before and would like to visit the Long Beach area of California, hotel room rates will be honored two days before the conference and two days after. 

       The conference needs you, the Nicotine Anonymous member, to help make decisions for the organization.  And you need the conference.  It will  give you encouragement that the work you are doing to help other addicts is of utmost importance to saving lives.