Meeting in Covina!

One-Year Anniversary MARCH 4th 2015



Wednesday @ 6:30 – 7:30pm


1161 E. Covina Blvd

Group Room

Covina CA 91724

It is not necessary for you to have already stopped using nicotine in order to come to these meetings.


All you need to bring is your desire to stop using nicotine.

There is no pressure or shame from the group to get you to quit. We've all been there, we understand. 

It is suggested you come to at least six meetings before deciding if this program can help you. Take what you need for now and leave the rest for another time.

If you need time to come to believe it is possible to live without nicotine or to set a quit date, then take your time. 

Listen and then share your story, read the literature, use the phone, study the steps in the book, keep showing up! 

Recovery is a process that we practice each day.

Keep in mind that many have come before you with just as much fear and doubt and now live free and clean. 


Gregory (626) 446-4360

Debbie (626) 422-1577

Ric (503) 367-2291