April & June, 2017 Intergroup Meetings - Conference Call only

April & June SCINA Meetings

The April and June Southern California Intergroup of Nicotine Anonymous (SCINA) Meetings will be a conference call only.  We will not be getting together at White Memorial Hospital on the third Sunday of those months so we will not have chips and literature sales on those days.  Please contact Halli if you need chips and literature by emailing him at HalliK@sbcglobal.net.  He can coordinate with you when you can pick up an order from him.

Feel free to join us on the conference call if you like, but please follow the rules and mute your phones as well as turn off any background noise (ex. television, fans) when you do wish to unmute and speak, otherwise there is horrible feedback sound.

We will take a roll call very slowly so the Secretary can take down a list of everyone who is attending and the meeting they attend.  Anytime you speak, you must identify yourself first and speak up so everyone can hear you.  John D., our Chairperson, will occasionally stop the meeting to ask if anyone new has joined the call.

To attend the Intergroup meeting on 4/16/17 (Easter) and on 6/18/17 (Father’s Day) at 10:00 am, the call-in number is (218) 895-0786 and when prompted for the access code, enter 1471471#