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Southern California Intergroup Nicotine Anonymous (SCINA)
19744 Beach Blvd. #247
Huntington Beach, CA  92648

To Notify SCINA about Meeting Schedules or Changes:  Email:;  USPS (snail) Mail:  Rick Wood, 7657 Winnetka Ave #171, Winnetka, CA  91306-2677  Phone:  (818) 882-6952 (Voice Mail)

For Telephone Information Regarding Meetings in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, call (800) 642-0666 and leave a voice mail message; someone will call you back.  Please remember to say your name and phone number clearly.  You can also email your request to


For information about Hospitals and Institutions Panels, either participating or having one at your location call Angela at (949) 302-8465 or email us at  Please remember to say your name and phone number clearly if leaving a voicemail message.


National Internet Site:
Southern California Web Site: or


For information about Nicotine Anonymous Online Meetings and Telephone Meetings, go to: and click on 'Meetings,' and then 'Internet Meetings'


The Southern California Intergroup of Nicotine Anonymous (SCINA) cordially invites you to attend The 18th Annual Joshua Tree Retreat

Friday June 23rd [arrive any time after 1:00 pm*] until noon on Sunday, June 25, 2017

This retreat is for Nicotine Anonymous members and guests who want to enhance their practice of prayer and meditation. Held in the heart of one of the most serene settings of the Mojave Desert, the Joshua Tree Retreat Center (JTRC) offers the perfect atmosphere to enhance your journey into the Twelve Steps of Nicotine Anonymous. Meetings & workshops will be held throughout the weekend along with periods of prayer, meditation, yoga, hiking, alone time, and fellowship by the pool. Writing materials will be provided. A full agenda will be released soon to include Early Bird Meeting Friday at 2 pm and our annual MEETING UNDER THE STARS Saturday night after the Sunset Hike

Cost:  $185 includes two nights lodging and five meals (Friday dinner, Sunday breakfast, and all meals on Saturday) (*Note: Lunch not provided on Friday)  $100 is the cost to attend if you are not staying at JTRC. This includes meals and use of the facilities/pool.
[No exceptions; JTRC is charging us for every body.]

Space limited. RSVP to Jane H. at 323-852-1518 ASAP. Give cash payments to Jane. Please note: No refunds once paid.

A WEEKEND TO REMEMBER!!! Includes two nights lodging and five meals!

Make checks payable to: SCINA
Mail your payments of $185 for meals & lodging or $100 for meals only directly to SCINA Treasurer: Bill Harmon, 10480 Sunland Blvd. #1, Sunland, CA 91040.

Questions, call Bill at 818-800-3449. Payment must be received by May 19th

What to Bring:

  •   Toiletries (e.g., shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste; this is not a hotel with amenities; there is a gift shop and nearby stores)

  •   Sun Screen / Sun Glasses

  •   Casual Clothing (it may get cool at night)

  •   Comfortable Footwear (flip flops AND shoes for hiking); no shoes allowed in house

  •   Swim Suit and Beach Towel (for pool)

  •   Your NicA Big Book or Meditation Book


  • JOSHUA TREE RETREAT CENTER. 59700 29 Palms Hwy, Joshua Tree, CA 92252.


    Directions From Los Angeles:

    Take 10 Freeway East for approximately 100 miles to Exit 117 onto CA 62 East (29 Palms Highway) for approximately 25 miles and the Center will be on your left after Yucca Mesa Rd. When you see the "Welcome to Joshua Tree" sign, you are seconds away. There is a large rust- colored metal sculpture and a blue sign at the entrance on your left. If you reach downtown Joshua Tree, you have gone too far. JRTC advises not to rely on your GPS as some have encountered issues with it. Please drive safely, especially if you are arriving at night. 


April & June, 2017 Intergroup Meetings - Conference Call only

April & June SCINA Meetings

The April and June Southern California Intergroup of Nicotine Anonymous (SCINA) Meetings will be a conference call only.  We will not be getting together at White Memorial Hospital on the third Sunday of those months so we will not have chips and literature sales on those days.  Please contact Halli if you need chips and literature by emailing him at  He can coordinate with you when you can pick up an order from him.

Feel free to join us on the conference call if you like, but please follow the rules and mute your phones as well as turn off any background noise (ex. television, fans) when you do wish to unmute and speak, otherwise there is horrible feedback sound.

We will take a roll call very slowly so the Secretary can take down a list of everyone who is attending and the meeting they attend.  Anytime you speak, you must identify yourself first and speak up so everyone can hear you.  John D., our Chairperson, will occasionally stop the meeting to ask if anyone new has joined the call.

To attend the Intergroup meeting on 4/16/17 (Easter) and on 6/18/17 (Father’s Day) at 10:00 am, the call-in number is (218) 895-0786 and when prompted for the access code, enter 1471471#   

Nicotine Anonymous World Services 32nd Annual Conference. April 21-23, 2017 Cleveland, OHio

Delegates and Attendees!


Registration and Delegate Form

Accommodations Information

Book Your Room Now

The Ohio Intergroup has a very special experience planned for you again!
The hotel is serene and beautifully appointed. There is a big pool!It's located right at the Cleveland Airport! Meals are a bit more expensive than last year, but there's no need to spend money on transportation if you are flying into Cleveland!

THERE WILL BE FUN! The Saturday Night Banquet will again feature fabulous entertainment! Start thinking now about your transportation/journey themed costume!Most of all, there will be gratitude, spirituality, recovery, friendship, and getting business accomplished for the fellowship and still suffering nicotine addict! Please come to help.

Give back to the Twelve Step Program that helped you so much!

Now Available! - Downloadable Audio Speaker Shares from the Original Meeting of Nicotine Anonymous

The Original Meeting (Group 001) of Nicotine Anonymous Recently elected to record Speaker Shares from their7:30 pm Monday Night Meetings (for all those Speakers who consent) and to make those available via the internet as an additional tool in our fight against Nicotine Addiction.  You will Be able to Fund them under the " Meetings" tab on this page.

On our path to freedom, joy, and serenity, we are guided by the Twelve Steps of Nicotine Anonymous, which allow us to successfully steer the treacherous curves of craving, emotionality, turmoil and unmanageability. Our spiritual life is not a theory; we have to live it. 

We are also working on making these available as a Podcast download - which you can subscribe to - though iTunes or other podcasting applications.  We hope these can bring additional "portable" support to many who use them.

Once these files are ready to be uploaded, you will be able to stream them from the website, as well as down load them to your own computer, audio player or Smart Phone.  Stay tuned!

You can find them all on the website under the Meetings Tab - Go there now.



January is a fresh start for most people so that's why we call it Carry The Message Month.  We expect to see new faces in our meetings, and want to make them feel welcome. We also want to get the word out as much as possible all year long.  Please think about purchasing some extra pamphlets or making extra copies of meeting lists and giving them to your personal doctors and dentist, asking that they put a few out each day for their clients. For this to truly work, please think about committing to stopping by their offices each month with updated information, new meeting lists, and/or pamphlets and business cards.

Come to the December 18, 2016 Intergroup meeting and your group could win 1 of 5 Nicotine Anonymous - The Book that are being given away in a drawing. Your Intergroup Representative's presence is required.  All Intergroup Reps attending will receive $10 worth of pamphlets and sets of NicA business cards for members to distribute.

Tradition 5:  Each group has but one primary purpose - to carry its message to the nicotine addict who still suffers.

Click here for the Carry The Message flyer

Memorial for long-time servant Stephen Fisher

Click here for flyer you can print.

A Celebration of the life of

Stephen Fisher

October 1st, 2016

2:00 PM

Our Savior’s Lutheran Church

370 Junipero Avenue

Long Beach, CA 


His family has requested donations to

Nicotine Anonymous in lieu of flowers.

Southern California Intergroup of Nicotine Anonymous (SCINA)

19744 Beach Boulevard #247

Huntington Beach, CA 92648

(800) 642-0666 or


Saturday 9:00 AM Long Beach Mtg location

Intercity Fellowship Hall, 5881 Cherry Avenue, Long Beach will be open again for use Saturday 12/19/2015.  The meeting  Clubhouse had been undergoing some construction work and the meetings were held at another location for a while.  Please Call either Gregory (562) 896-2305 or Launie M. (562) 619-2080 if you need additional information.

This meeting needs help - attendance is down and we need bodies in the seats in order to pay the room rental.  Please give back what was so freely given by attending meetings on a regular basis.


Meeting in Covina!

One-Year Anniversary MARCH 4th 2015



Wednesday @ 6:30 – 7:30pm


1161 E. Covina Blvd

Group Room

Covina CA 91724

It is not necessary for you to have already stopped using nicotine in order to come to these meetings.


All you need to bring is your desire to stop using nicotine.

There is no pressure or shame from the group to get you to quit. We've all been there, we understand. 

It is suggested you come to at least six meetings before deciding if this program can help you. Take what you need for now and leave the rest for another time.

If you need time to come to believe it is possible to live without nicotine or to set a quit date, then take your time. 

Listen and then share your story, read the literature, use the phone, study the steps in the book, keep showing up! 

Recovery is a process that we practice each day.

Keep in mind that many have come before you with just as much fear and doubt and now live free and clean. 


Gregory (626) 446-4360

Debbie (626) 422-1577

Ric (503) 367-2291


January is a fresh start for most people so that's Carry The Message Month.  We expect to see new faces in our meetings, and want to make them feel welcome.  We also want to get the word out as much as possible all year long.  Please think about purchasing some extra pamphlets or making extra copies of meeting lists and giving them to your personal doctor or dentist, asking that they put a few out each day for their clients.  For this to truly work, please think about committing to stopping by their offices each month with updated information, new meeting lists, and/or pamphlets.

Tradition 5:  Each group has but one primary purpose - to carry its message to the nicotine addict who still suffers.

Three Titles of NicA Books on Kindle Reader!

    Good News!  Four Nicotine Anonymous books are now available as Kindle eBooks:

      Don't have a Kindle Reader?  No problem; Ebooks can be read using free Kindle reading apps for Android, BlackBerry and iPhone devices -- click here.

        Seven Minutes, NicA's quarterly newsletter, is now on our website so everyone can read it online.  It's an invigorating read.  The paper copy is still mailed to subscribers.

2013 Annual World Services Conference in Long Beach, CA

The 2013 annual conference, April 26 - 28, will be at the beautiful Golden Sails Hotel Golf and Conference Center in Long Beach, California.

It's not too early to make your plans to attend, especially with a room rate of $99 per night for up to four persons plus complimentary full breakfast buffet.   Click here to view the conference flier.  To book your rooms online, go to  Mention NAWS Annual Conference.  This is the best hotel room price at a desirable location in a long time for an annual Nicotine Anonymous conference.

     Early registration is $35 per person before April 10.  If you have not been to a Nicotine Anonymous conference before and would like to visit the Long Beach area of California, hotel room rates will be honored two days before the conference and two days after. 

       The conference needs you, the Nicotine Anonymous member, to help make decisions for the organization.  And you need the conference.  It will  give you encouragement that the work you are doing to help other addicts is of utmost importance to saving lives.

The Nicotine Anonymous Book now on Kindle!

The fellowship's basic text, Nicotine Anonymous: the Book, is now in electronic form as well as hard copy. Both versions contain the updated 7th Step prayer and discussions of all the Traditions as well as sections on the nature of nicotine addiction, results of an addiction survey, and an examination of the Twelve Steps of Nicotine Anonymous. You can order the electronic version at the Amazon Kindle website. Don't have a Kindle Reader? No problem; ebooks can be read on free Kindle reading apps for Android, BlackBerry and iPhone devices.

Hey, Did you know that Nicotine Anonymous Telephone Meetings are available?

You may not be aware - But Telephone Meetings are a valuable resource in working the program.  In Some areas of the Country - there are no in person meetings available, and phone meetings are the only way that some people are able to share the program of Nicotine Anonymous. 

There is a lot of need for People who have Time at the telephone meetings - as many  of those you use the meetings are newcomers.  A great way to be of service - is to participate in Sharing your experience, strength and Hope - or to volunteer to act as a long distance sponsor for someone who is a member of a phone meeting.

One Telephone Group is Based in Southern California.

The Primary Purpose telephone group meets at the following times (PST):

Tuesday at 6:00PM
Wednesday at 4:00PM
Thursday at 6:00PM
Friday at 6:00PM Step Study (10 Min Speaker share)
Saturday at 6:00PM Beginners Meeting
Monday through Friday at 9:00AM 3rd Step Prayer

Phone: 858-707-3071

Enter the PIN -766237#