Welcome to Intergroup For Southern California Nicotine Annonymous

The Intergroup holds monthly meetings at which we provide Literature, Chips, and Books for sale to the Groups. In addition, we publish an updated Meeting List on a monthly basis which is also available at our meeting. Each month we complete a mailing to the groups which at a minimum includes our Financial Statement, the minutes of our meeting and a meeting schedule.

We conduct as many Panels at Hospitals and Institutions as we are asked to do. Recently we have been very successful at working with the Kaiser organization in sending panels to their Smoking Cessation Programs in our area.

Each year we conduct several events which we are very proud of. This year these will include the Retreat in August, our Annual Picnic in September and the Marathon Meeting in November.

For the last several years we have adopted the policy of suggesting to the groups in our area that they send in their donations directly to the Intergroup.  The Intergroup’s policy is to maintain a prudent reserve of $1,000 plus any committed known expenses and then forward any excess funds to World Services on a Monthly Basis. Your donations are needed and very much appreciated. We are looking forward to expanding our Public Outreach efforts to make sure we as a group are carrying the message to practicing addicts. (This suggestion for handling your donations is made within the spirit of Tradition Four. “Each group should be autonomous except in matters affecting other groups or Nicotine Anonymous as a whole.”)

We want to take this opportunity to invite you to attend one of our monthly meetings. As an all volunteer organization we value the involvement of each individual.  If you have questions, please contact the Secretary, Angela at (949) 302-8465 or email her at angela.socal9@gmail.com.